Here are just a few things we can help you with.

Need a day off work .... We will tell your boss that little white lie.
Get out of a company meeting.
Get out of a date.
Tell your Wife or Husband you want a divorce.
Tell a friend what's bugging you.
Break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Ask your Mom for money.
Ask your Dad for money.
Tell someone you hate them.
Tell someone you love them.
Tell someone you're in love with them.
Tell someone to stop calling you.
Ask someone if they would date you.
Tell someone you can't baby sit their brats (kids) any more.
Ask someone to please stop bringing their dog over.
Ask someone to get all their junk out of your home.
Get you out of a wedding.
Get you in a wedding.
Tell your friend you can't be his best man.
Tell your wife her cooking sucks.
Tell someone you don't have long to live.
Tell someone you're home when your not.
Tell someone you're sick.
Tell someone you're out of town when you're home.
Ask someone to return something.
Tell someone they forgot to pay back the money they borrowed.
Ask someone to stop sending you email jokes.
Tell someone they can not bring their kids to your party.
Tell someone they are not invited to your event.
Tell your spouse you're having an affair.
Tell someone they hurt your feelings.
Tell someone you're Gay.
Ask someone to get out of your house.
Tell your boss you quit.
Ask someone to help you move.
Tell someone you got a lawyer.
Ask someone to forgive you.
Tell your partner you have a STD.
Tell someone there not invited to your party,
wedding, home, night out, trip, work place.
Tell someone no kids can come to your party.
We use PayPal only.
All calls must be paid before we can make them.
All your information is kept private and is not given out to anyone.
We will not break any laws so please don't ask us to.
Please read the guidelines before contacting us.


What we do for you is make the phone calls you just don't feel like making.
Just let us know who to call and what you want to say.
We will make the call and let you know the outcome.

Please email us with any questions you might have.
All emails are answered in the order received.

You must be 18 years or older to use our service.
Minimum charge is $10.00
For more info on pricing please email us :
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